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David Morris Bends Genre Barriers with the Video Release of “Butterflies”

Country crossover artist David Morris continues to bend genre lines with his unique sound and the official release of the music video for “Butterflies.” 

Watch “Butterflies” here

“We shot the music video to “Butterflies” on a cheap VHS camera on no budget. We just brought it with us during the holidays for a few days and captured life. Miranda and I did most of the filming with her brother Nolan shooting some scenes of us. I took all the footage home and edited it. I wanted it to feel ‘real’. I wanted people to feel like they were hanging with us and having fun. I think we accomplished that and I couldn’t be happier about it.” explains David.

Since the release, David’s new single “Butterflies” has been streamed over 42k on Spotify and over 20k on Apple Music. Last year, David saw viral success with his song “Who Hurt You” becoming a trend across TikTok. 

David Morris mixes his West Virginia twang with a muscular hip-hop vibe, creating country-rap that slides compliments his lyrical and vocal abilities. 

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