Rising Country Sensation Ashley Anne Unveils Empowering New Single “Fake Tan”

Country music artist Ashley Anne has released her highly anticipated single “Fake Tan,” everywhere now  The upbeat and exciting track aims to bring awareness to individuals who are afraid to be themselves, while inspiring them to showcase their true selves without fear of embarrassment.

LISTEN to “Fake Tan” here.

“Fake Tan” is an infectious blend of country and pop elements, designed to captivate listeners with its irresistible hooks and relatable lyrics. The song was written by Ashley Anne herself, who drew inspiration from her own experiences and observations of people struggling to embrace their authenticity. The single serves as a reminder to break free from societal pressures and find the courage to be unapologetically oneself.

Ashley Anne shares her perspective on the song, stating, “Fake Tan is an upbeat, exciting, feel-good song I wrote in hopes to reach girls who love a good tan and hate a fake man. It was inspired by people who just were afraid to be themselves. It got me thinking about how I showcase myself truly without fear of embarrassment and how others should do the same. This song is just a good time, a summer drive with the windows down, a beach day with the gals, and hopefully a strong message to just always be unapologetically yourself!

As an emerging artist in the country music scene, Ashley Anne has already gained recognition for her authentic storytelling and captivating performances. Her previous releases “Get Well Soon” and “Dear Dolly” have received praise from fans and critics alike, earning her a dedicated following.

“Fake Tan” is poised to make a significant impact on country music enthusiasts, resonating with those who yearn to break free from societal expectations and find the confidence to be true to themselves. Ashley Anne’s infectious energy and empowering message are sure to create a lasting impression.

The single “Fake Tan” will be available on all major streaming platforms from Friday, July 21st, 2023. To stay updated on Ashley Anne’s latest releases and upcoming projects, follow her on social media and visit her official website.

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