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Rising country star HALIE, known for her impressive appearances on NBC’s Songland and American Song Contest, is set to continue making her mark in the country music world with the release of her newest single, “Southern Boys.” 

The new single is a testament to the profound influence of her southern upbringing. As someone who has traveled across the country, flying to Los Angeles for TV competitions like NBC’s Songland and American Song Contest, HALIE has had the opportunity to meet a diverse range of individuals in various settings. However, she always finds herself drawn back to her southern roots and the values and experiences that have shaped her.

LISTEN to “Southern Boys” here

The idea of Southern Boys came from my background and influence of living in the south. From flying to LA for TV shows such as Songland and American Song Contest, I’ve been around a lot of different men in different scenarios,” tells HALIE. “I always seem to circle back around to my roots and what I know. I hope my audience can connect to this song in a unique way, whether you are from the south or not, your type might be southern boys,” tells HALIE.

“Southern Boys” encapsulates the essence of southern charm, with HALIE’s distinctive vocals and evocative lyrics taking listeners on a journey through the heart of the south. The song’s universal themes of nostalgia, love, and connection transcend geographical boundaries, making it relatable to audiences from all walks of life.

HALIE’s appearances on national TV contests have garnered her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, and “Southern Boys” is poised to further solidify her reputation as a rising star in the country music scene.

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