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The dynamic rising country music duo Kindred. is set to wow fans once again with their new single, “What An Old Song Can Do.” Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline, Kindred seamlessly infuses the essence of classic country with the contemporary sounds of today’s country music scene in this compelling new single.

LISTEN to “What An Old Song Can Do” here.

After a live performance where we experienced a “not-so-nice” individual upset about us singing a love song, we realized that a universal feeling is trying to move on from a past relationship before you’re truly ready.Seeing how upset one song made someone made us realize how powerful older songs with such history can be in drawing out emotions that people try to hide. Writing this song from what we perceived his perspective to be, we wanted the song to showcase the emotional frustration, desperation, and sadness that one song triggered in him and highlight how powerful music can in triggering memories in people,” tells the duo.

The duo known individually as Dustin Chapman and Ryleigh Madison are a unique uncle-niece musical duo from Whiteville, North Carolina. Characterized by their powerhouse vocals, emotive songwriting, and charming personalities, these two have captivated thousands of listeners around the Carolinas and beyond.

Their remarkable talent and unique musical approach have earned them accolades, most notably the titles of “Duo of the Year” and “Emerging New Artist of the Year” at the prestigious 2023 Carolina Country Music Awards. 

The journey to stardom for Kindred began on the national stage as both members captivated audiences during their appearances as contestants on ABC’s American Idol. Since then, their star power has continued to ascend, securing them coveted spots on national radio and television.

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