NASHVILLE, TN – Country artist Robert Bacon releases a new single, “Out Of The Blue,” out everywhere now. The newly released song is a fresh and light take on some of the complexities that come with meeting someone new.

LISTEN to “Out Of The Blue” here. 

This new single is impacting country radio nationwide alongside its release today. Bacon’s previous releases have gained over 100k streams on Spotify previously and are set to take the rise with “Out Of The Blue”. Written by Charlie Brown and Bacon himself, the song showcases the roots that speak to an audience with the love of 80s and 90s-influenced country music. 

There aren’t many people out there in the world who have been in a relationship and not taken it for granted at some point in their life. The realization of that is real, and deep, and happens more often than we would all like to admit. Typically, by the time you have realized that you are messing up a good thing, they have already checked out, moved on, and your chances of making it work are over, or historically low,” said Robert. 

The song paints a vivid picture of the poignant moments when people come to realize the value of something they’ve taken for granted, be it a cherished relationship or an unforeseen opportunity. Robert’s music has a unique way of touching and connecting with listeners across the globe. With his new single “Out Of The Blue” and debut release, “Drinkin’ Thinkin’,” the singer-songwriter puts his storytelling abilities to the forefront. 

To learn more about Robert Bacon visit his website and connect with him on Facebook and Instagram
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